Christian Hergert


Just another person trying to find out how to responsibly live on this earth.


I write software. Usually in the C programming language. Sometimes others.

I'm the author and maintainer of GNOME Builder and many other GNOME packages.

You can find my profile on https://gitlab.gnome.org/chergert or my resume.


You can find my blog about GNOME here. You can find older blog posts here.


If you should desire to contact me, you can reach me using christian at this domain.

If you can, do me the favor of encrypting your email to me and I will return the favor. My GPG key can be fetched from here and its fingerprint is

9018 D71E E3E7 F68A 8613 A713 34D1 9DFA F522 9486

and can be verified offline.

You can contact me on twitter with @hergertme.