Monodevelop Python

Back in February, while at Brainshare, I started putting together python support for monodevelop. It was just basic project file support and a compiler. After Eric mentioned to me that we aren't running enough of our own software every day, I figured I should make this something I can use.

Therefore, I added a couple new features over the last few days. The core of the new features comes down to a python subprocess which builds AST's for the python code and serializes that to XML. Back in Mono-land I can convert that to the internal format for parsed data within MonoDevelop.

Feature 1 based on the python parser; Code Completion

Feature 2 & 3 based on the python parser; Code Folding and Error Highlighting

The code is in a git tree private to the addin for the time being. I will most likely move this to github in the near future.


-- Christian Hergert 2008-10-01

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