I'm out! expletive deleted

During my long vacation from work, I thought about the current state of MySpace and whether or not I wanted continue my tenure there.

I had been hacking full time on an open source project there for the last year (a project I've been a part of for years now, in some sort or another). After succeeding in making this open source project a viable opportunity for the company, we ended up not moving forward with it. It's too bad, I was doing some of the best work of my career. I'm sorry if this sounds vague, but if I get the go ahead, I'll share more later.

So, instead of going back to work today, I decided to quit. I'm so happy I made this decision that I have the biggest grin on my face right now. I don't know where I'm going next, but I'd really like to enjoy the summer here in Los Angeles without any responsibilities. Besides, living at the beach means every day is a vacation.

Fortunately, I had plenty of time to experiment with multi-core optimization and decent freedom to use the languages of my choice. Hopefully the python, C and C# I left behind will be maintainable by others :-)

One of the projects I've started in the mean time is cache system. Expect its initial release to have:

So to my fellowed MySpacer's: For those about to rock, I salute you!

-- Christian Hergert 2009-04-28

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