Ethos 0.2.0

I just shipped the bits and release email for Ethos 0.2.0. Ethos is a shared library I put together for adding plugins to your application.

Currently, Ethos is focused on plugins for applications written in C or Vala since they provide the common denominator to enable the largest variety of scripting languages. However, that's not to say you couldn't provide a thunk layer for something else.

Pugins written in C, Vala, Python, and JavaScript are supported. However, Mono support is mostly finished and will be added in a follow up release. Each plugin language is supported through a separate shared library, so your process will not be polluted with languages that are not being used.

I'd like to thank the giftwrap hackers for helping me dog-food and get ethos ready for an initial release.

# ppa for releases deb jaunty main deb-src jaunty main

-- Christian Hergert 2009-06-17

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