Update: GNOME University

We got up another 45 or so students since the Boston Summit. This is starting to get scary. I'm having a hard time just keeping track of email addresses.

Based on feedback from people at the Boston Summit and IRC we are going to take a little bit different of a route than originally planned. So that we can develop more content in parallel and provide a future other than C, I have decided to break the content up into a series of courses. In the future I hope to have tracks other than just C. Other tracks may include Python, JavaScript, UI/UX design and more.

You can find updated information on the wiki.

If you would like to start generating content for any of these courses, add yourself as the mentor to the wiki page and start planning/writing or whatever you can provide. Myself or others can help edit, refine, and provide guidance as you go. This will need to be a collaborative effort if it is going to succeed in a big way.

If you are or would like to be a student, it would help me a great deal if you could join our IRC channel, #gnome-university on irc.gimp.net occasionally. Email is getting quite difficult for me to manage.

-- Christian Hergert 2012-10-29

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