Leaving Catch.com

Today was my last day at Catch.com. I spent the last 20 months there building the back-end and sync algorithm for their collaborative notes platform. In the process I built a couple of async drivers for MongoDB (twisted and glib) and various tools around the database. 10gen took notice and so I'll be heading there to work on MongoDB in March. (Software on github/gitorious/cgit is a great résumé).

Until then, I have a few weeks of relaxation that will likely be used to hack on some things from the developer hackfest. I spent some time prototyping tools with clang that I would like to finish. It was largely based on editor integration for some ideas I've had. Once that work becomes useful I'll take a stab at JavaScript code completion if nobody else does. Well, at least the GIR resolving side of things. Jasper pointed out Reflect.parse() which looks useful to extract an AST in spidermonkey. Does JSCore have anything similar?

Just like everyone else, I ended up getting that horrible FOSDEM flu. If you live near anyone that got it, bring them some soup and hugs. They'll be down for a couple of days.

-- Christian Hergert 2013-02-09

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