Builder Funded

First things first! I'm incredibly excited that we jumped past our initial target in the Builder campaign. We reached the second stretch goal in the last couple of hours!

The first stretch goal covered JavaScript applications and IDE scripting. The second stretch goal covered a graphical debugger and external device support.

This means we'll be able to plug in a tablet and simply build our application for that target (possibly cross-compiling). Integrating that with a debugger is going to result in a nice platform to build for.

Now that I know what we need to support in the next cycle, I was able to start planning LibIDE. This static library will contain most of our IDE features. Having it available as a library also makes it much easier for us to test. If you'd like to start contributing, we need lots of tests added to LibIDE. If you'd like something larger, we have plenty of components that need implementing.

You can find the details on LibIDE by catching up on the mailing list post.

-- Christian Hergert 2015-02-08

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