GNOME Builder - 3.16.3

I just tagged and released Builder 3.16.3 into the wild. This is likely the last of the 3.16 releases as we hope to start moving full speed ahead towards 3.18. There are a lot of features in various dependencies we need to start taking advantage of now, so fire up that jhbuild.

I hope that distributions will pick up 3.16.3 just like the other modules, as I think it is a pretty pleasant experience for what it does.

Now some more screenshots.

The greeter got an overhaul. Languages are currently extracted from .doap files. That will change once we get a proper tracker-miner.

You probably saw Ignacio's post about the minimap landing in Gedit. Thanks to his work pushing that into GtkSourceView, that will be available to everyone. There is clearly more work we can do to clean-up my hack of an implementation, but we have plenty of time this cycle. That said, it animates smoothly and I've found it quite useful for jumping ahead to errors/warnings found by our diagnostics engine.

Starting to cleanup preferences. It was getting out of control.

And some more.

And some more. We got ctags auto-completion support this round. We can use that same data for highlighting and symbol resolving (think "gd" in Vim mode), but still need to write that. Not terribly difficult if you are interested in contributing that. It's not necessary for C/C++ since we already have clang.

Dimitris Zenios has been patch machine the recent couple of weeks. One of his additions was this nice highlighter for matching XML elements. Especially since he had to fix a lot of my broken code in the process.

Quick example of ctags based autocompletion, which is not terribly fancy. But it gets the job done better than you think.

And a reminder that we have clang auto-completion, which I'd still consider experimental just because it has so many moving parts. Each of the parameters in the completion turn into a snippet tab stop. Convenient.

We have a lot to do. Now that we know what it is like building something of this scale, we can clean up and organize the mess I've created.

Thanks to everyone who contributed this cycle, you keep me going.

-- Christian Hergert 2015-05-18

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