GUADEC 2015 Slides

With the core days of GUADEC over (and day 2 of BoFs about to begin) I finally have a few minutes of downtime to publish my slides.

There is so much excitement about what is going on in GNOME. We have a very enthusiastic and capable group of new contributors!

I've met with many developers over the past few years of local outreach. Many of them often feel like the operating system is out of their reach. That somehow, it's not something they'll be able to understand. I think the excitement found in our community is further proof of GNOME's approachability. We have a huge opportunity to double down on these efforts and reach a new generation of contributors.

I think the gist of my talk was this. GNOME is an outstanding product. My personal effort, and I hope many will join me, is to make GNOME the best environment for developers to get work done.

I'm so thrilled to have gotten to meet everyone that took the time to say hi or thanks or just to let me know who they were in person. That is what GUADEC is about, and it's why you should consider submitting a bid for GUADEC 2016.

Much love.

-- Christian Hergert 2015-08-11

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